Resolving Trauma, A Men’s Veteran Healing Retreat

Resolving Trauma, A Men’s Veteran Healing Retreat

We’re excited to offer this new and exciting Trauma Resolution Retreat! Take part in The Cortina Method (TCM) to resolve your trauma. Imagine a life free of the pain and symptoms created by PTS. Replace that with joy, gratitude, relief, and excitement! This retreat features trauma resolution expert, Michael Cortina, and his team, equine therapy and holistic wellness sessions such as yoga, Reiki, and reflexology.

The Cortina Method (TCM) is a brain-based healing methodology to resolve trauma. It utilizes a strategic protocol rooted in neuroscience for efficient outcomes with an emphasis on people NOT having to relive or reexperience distressing emotions. It involves brain optimization and reprocessing. Brain optimization is getting the brain to respond to life, in the most enticing and optimal way possible.

TCM resolves trauma/PTS in as little as a single visit. The outcome is that people share that painful emotions are replaced with joy, gratitude, relief, and excitement. It resolves and removes triggers and symptoms. People say that they are AMAZED at how they feel, and think are so much more productive, advantageous, and desirable after TCM. Changes are sustainable.

Learn more about Michael Cortina and The Cortina Method at his website

Lodging, meals, and activities are provided at no cost to participants. A registration fee of $50 will be refunded one week after the completion of the retreat. You must arrange for your own transportation.

Space is limited to 10 men.

Apply now at Project New Hope!

Please contact Susan Wilder for questions regarding this retreat. (508) 762-9738

  • November 2-6, 2023
  • Genesis Spiritual Life & Conference Center
    53 Mill Street
    Westfield, MA 01085

Veteran’s Equine Retreat

Veteran’s Equine Retreat

We regret to announce that our Veteran’s Equine Retreat has been cancelled. Our very experienced facilitator has been deployed and will not be available this year.

Please contact Susan Wilder if you have any questions! or call (508) 762-9738

The Veterans Equine Retreat offers a weekend of connecting with two friendly horses, Ida Mae and Tessa. These two Veteran-owned mares are incredible creatures who require a great deal of care and patience. Just like Veterans, horses can be strong-willed, hard-working, and very skilled in their training activities. Connecting with horses allows Veterans to connect with themselves.

Equine therapy is a fun way to express care and concern for the horses, rekindling a sense of responsibility in a safe environment. Veterans can experience greater self-awareness while caring for something other than themselves. It can benefit those who struggle with PTS, substance use disorders, service injuries, and mental health conditions. This Retreat will help remind participants that they need patience and care in their recovery process.

Veterans will engage in horse-related activities, including grooming, feeding, and leading it around an enclosure. There will be no riding the horses. Overcoming potential fears or anxiety when being around such large animals and seeing how gentle they are when properly cared for reinforces the skills needed to: increase self-esteem, grow emotionally, become more self-aware, focus on well-being, solve problems, and enhance social skills.

Lodging, meals, and activities are provided at no cost to participants. A registration fee of $50 will be refunded one week after the completion of the retreat. You must arrange for your own transportation.

Please send questions to Sue at or call (508) 762-9738

  • September 29 – October 1, 2023
  • Camp Aldersgate & Retreat Center
    1043 Snake Hill Road
    North Scituate, RI 02857

Post Traumatic Stress Veterans Retreat 2023

Post Traumatic Stress Veterans Retreat 2023

This Retreat is now full

This retreat is for individual Veterans and/or Couples

Escape the darkness of PTS and other life struggles with a clear goal and a solid plan. This Ladder UPP retreat will help you figure out where you are going and how to use your traumas and trials as fuel to live.

You will learn tools for recovery, PTS, and depression, or just a difficult trial or transition in life. Join us on this weeklong retreat in beautiful Connecticut and take a step towards living free. “The Ladder UPP” is a data-driven program and has been proven effective and might just be the step up you need. Thankfully, he found his “reason to live” and the journey has continued. Wherever you are at, welcome to this retreat.

Then relax with all Camp Wightman has to offer on the beautiful 270-acre camp surrounded by nature. You may enjoy activities like swimming or boating on our 90-acre lake, archery, arts & crafts, campfires, and so much more! This retreat also offers wellness activities like hiking, yoga, reflexology, massage, reiki, IET, and Mindfulness, to name a few.

Learn more about Silouan and “The Ladder UPP” at

A $50 fee/per person, $100/couple will be required at time of registration and will be refunded a week after completion of the retreat. If you cancel 2 weeks or less leading up to retreat, are a no-show or leave before the completion of Retreat your Deposit will not be refunded. Our retreats are 100% drug and alcohol free.

Lodging, meals, and activities are provided at no cost, but participants must arrange their own transportation to and from the retreat. Check-in 3:00 PM.

Please send questions to Sue at or call 508-762-9738

Retreat registration closes two weeks prior to the start date.

Proof of Military Service (no exceptions). Military ID, DD-214, VA Health Care Card or Driver’s License with “Veteran” on license will be required before attending retreat.

Mail, fax or email Proof of Military Service.
Project New Hope Inc.
70 James Street, Suite 129A
Worcester, MA 01603
Fax: 508-304-9245

PTSD Veterans Retreat
in partnership with
United Way

  • August 20-25, 2023
  • Camp Wightman
    207 Coal Pit Hill Rd
    Griswold, CT 06351
  • Presenter:
    Silouan Green
    Creator of “The Ladder UPP” program

Family Veterans Retreat

Family Veterans Retreat


Would you like to improve your family getting along better than ever and having fun together in Ocean Park, Maine. In today’s fast-paced world, the greatest challenge is creating opportunities to spend quality time with family. As a result, many parents have difficulty connecting and understanding and helping their children with their problems and children have difficulty with communication and coping skills. Would you like to build family resilience? If so, this Project new Hope family retreat may be just for you. It is free to Military and Veteran families; married two-parent and single parent families and their children

In addition to workshops, the retreat will include – Campfires, Beach and Pool time, Miniature Golf and more. Located just over an hour north of Boston, 15 minutes south of Portland, Maine, and a quick walk (just 3 blocks away) to the beach and a 20-minute walk to the pier in Old Orchard.

Lodging, meals, and activities are all provided at no cost to participant, there is a $50 dollar registration fee that is refunded one week after completion of retreat. You must arrange your own transportation to and from Ocean Park, ME.

Please send questions to Sue at or call (508) 762-9738

  • June 25-30, 2023
  • Oceanwood Camp and Conference Center
    17 Royal Street
    Ocean Park, ME 04063