About Project New Hope

Project New Hope, Inc. has supported Veterans and their Families for fourteen years. Sully’s food and baby pantries provide basic needs, retreats provide healing opportunities, and the assistance program helps to “connect the dots” for those struggling to navigate current government systems. We partner with a wide range of military and government programs, with one goal, to support the Veterans where the other programs falter. Veterans deserve our nation’s gratitude, and, more importantly, a place to rebuild with honor.


Project New Hope was founded on providing wellness resources for Veterans and their Families. Our no cost retreats have been offering safe and supportive places for our Veterans to begin rebuilding with honor.

Sully’s Pantry

Sully’s Food & Baby Pantries provide discreet assistance for Veterans and their Families who need food and baby items. We have groceries, clothes, over-the-counter medicines, and winter gear available!

New Veteran Intake Form

Our case manager, Shelby Frysinger, helps Veterans “connect the dots” for assistance and to achieve stability. Please call Shelby at 508-762-1459 today if you or another Veteran you know is in need.