Family Veterans Retreat 2024

Family Veterans Retreat 2024

How Did the Retreat Go?

– The opportunity to have a safe parent and teenager quality time.

– Connection with other Veteran/Military families and a getaway for our family.

– You all Rock!

– Thank you so much for this family retreat and all that you do for our community. God Bless you all.

– Disconnecting from the outside world. Campfires, watching the kids run around with zero screen time. Connecting with other families.

– Thank you so much for all you do. This was such a special & relaxing experience for our entire family. We loved the entire groups and balance of structured and unstructured time. God less you all and thank you.

– Thank you so much, this was one of the best things we have done as a family. We would never be able to afford to do anything like this or be able to talk with other Vets with some of the same problems. Thank you.

– Thank you so very much for hosting this. It was a wonderful, relaxing trip that allowed us to connect with our daughters.

– The most beneficial activity was communicating with our children. It was a fantastic week of reconnecting with other service members and their families.

– Spending time with my family because last year I was deployed.

– Connecting with Children Workshops. Project New Hope continues to shine its blessings on our family. Jeepers Christmas was amazing to our family during my husband’s deployment so when this retreat came up, I knew we must take part. It surpassed all expectations and has connected our family better than we hoped. Our children grew independently, our marriage was assessed and challenged with growth as a plus and our family will now have memories forever. We disconnected from our phones and the outside world and truly connected as a family and with other Veterans families and made new friends and connections all to this amazing week.

– Structured time to spend with family.

– Meditation in one of my workshops helped with self-awareness.

– Being able to think freely within the workshops.

– The most beneficial activity was the sessions and workshops for couples.

– Being able to just play with our family without outside pressures and stress was priceless. I loved openly talking about mental health in front of and with our kids. It normalizes it for them.

– Reiki was surprisingly amazing.

– Learning from other families, coping under stress and communication.

– The most beneficial activity at family retreat was all of it, addressing the needs of the adults as well as the children. So great for the entire family. Tapping was mentioned, I will be researching how to implement.

– I had so much anxiety about attending, even knowing two other families that were attending the same at the same time. When I walked in extremely late with three children in tow everyone simply smiled and welcomed us and were super kind, not judging, it was such a relief. I wanted to cry! Everyone from Bill, Makenzie, Katie, and Debbie. The kitchen staff, Wellness providers and Art teachers were amazing. I feel so blessed and fortunate for being able to experience this with my children as a single parent! Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are all a true blessing!!



The greatest challenge in today’s fast-paced world is creating opportunities to spend quality time with family. As a result, many parents have difficulty connecting, understanding, and helping their children with their problems, and children have difficulty with communication and coping skills. Would you like to build family resilience? If so, this Project New Hope Family Retreat may be just for you. It is free to Military and Veteran Families, married, two-parent, and single-parent Families, and their children.

Then relax with all Camp Wightman has to offer on the beautiful 270-acre camp surrounded by nature. You may enjoy activities like boating on our 90-acre Billings Lake, archery, arts & crafts, campfires, gaga pit, basketball, hiking, kayaking, swim time, and so much more! This retreat also offers wellness activities like yoga, reflexology, and Reiki, to name a few.

Lodging, meals, and activities are all provided at no cost to participants. There is a $50 dollar registration fee that is refunded one week after the completion of the retreat. You must arrange your own transportation to and from Griswold, CT.

Please send questions to Sue at or call (508) 762-9738

  • August 18-23, 2024
  • Camp Wightman
    207 Coal Pit Hill Road
    Griswold, CT 06351