A Women’s Veteran Healing Retreat – The Cortina Method (TCM) 2024

A Women’s Veteran Healing Retreat – The Cortina Method (TCM) 2024

How Did the Retreat Go?

Yoga classes and bonding with everyone was beneficial.

Learning new TCM alternative therapy at retreat.

TCM and Gut Health were amazing and beneficial.

I was struggling with PTS, and I feel like I am managing so much better now.

I did not know what to expect, but I figured it cannot make me any worse. I cannot describe how grateful I am that I found this retreat. The PNH Team of Bill, Donna, Patty, and Debbie was amazing and managed us like champions.

I loved being outside with the horses and learning that I am not as allergic as I thought I was. I also loved Reflexology and Reiki and they were all beneficial to my healing.

I was very hesitant to come after signing up at first. I have not had good outcomes from group therapy, but I found out very quickly that this was not therapy, well not anything like I have been to before.

Everyone was impressed. All the events were so unexpected, and no one had to relive any trauma and we were saying amongst ourselves what happened without reliving anything. Breathing correctly has always been hard, now that I am taking and learning Yoga that will help me along with Reflexology to deal with chronic pain.

TCM was a surprise. The whole concept was very refreshing, and I feel 60% better than when I first got here. That is huge, I am looking forward to learning more.

Reflexology, Donna is the first person I let touch my feet and it was so beneficial.

The new alternative I learned was meditation and Yoga.

Thank you so much, I learned so much about myself and made great long-time friends and connections with the Yoga and Reflexology instructor.

TCM was beneficial and a definite and positive shift.

Project New Hope Inc. has given me an unbelievable gift in this retreat. I am living healthier in both body and brain. I know I am going to look back on this week for years to see this experience as a major pivotal experience in my life.

I do not know what or how it works but it did for me, my nighttime was different than before.

The most beneficial activity was the setting and different holistic modalities. A peaceful, safe, and secure setting provides physical comfort.

The new alternative therapy that I learned and experienced was Reiki.

Connecting with other women Veterans was beneficial and the alternative therapies like Yoga and walking in the woods on the ground.

The Gut Health class was impressive.

I am so incredibly thankful to Bill & Donna and Patty! To be with other female Vets is utterly amazing because we all get it!

I look forward to other PNH Retreats.

The most beneficial activity for me was the one-on-one with Michael. I can move on from issues that I felt were keeping me stuck. PTS issues that were problematic since I was a child have been resolved and I will reach my goals.

I will recommend TCM to other Veterans. Yoga with Clarissa, I cannot say enough positive things about her and the experience and positive contributions, she is amazing.

The Reflexology practioners was definite.

The Massage therapist was friendly and personable, and I enjoyed my massage.

The equine therapy was beneficial and the Gut/Brain connection with Lori was highly informative and beneficial.

The most beneficial part of the retreat was the friendliness and warm energy from the staff. They created a welcoming environment filled with positive activities inside a cozy and safe place.

I will practice the new alternative therapy of Reiki and Reflexology.

Thank you all for this retreat. I had an amazing time here and I am so glad that I stayed and got out of her car because when I first arrived, I was in a bad mood and took an hour and half to make up my mind about staying. All the modalities and activities were wonderful and really got everyone out of their heads and into a better-positive space, including myself.

Thank you all for the wonderful fulfilling week.

Thank you, Bill, Dona, Patty, and Genesis. Incredibly grateful to have been asked to attend and share Yoga. PNH is amazing and provides healing, community, support, a safe place, love, friendship, and a very welcome environment. This helps everyone to feel comfortable to share and be vulnerable.

Thank you, Project New Hope Inc. for making our Veterans feel seen and heard! WONDERFUL.


This retreat is now full

Do you struggle with PTS, Guilt, Anger, Fear, Physical Pain, or Limiting Beliefs?

The Cortina Method (TCM), delivered by Trauma Resolution Expert Michael Cortina and his team, resolves & dissolves these problem areas.

Based on neuroscience, TCM is Brain-Based Healing that helps people get over trauma, WITHOUT having to relive ANY pain.

Replace pain with joy, gratitude, relief, and excitement.

Enjoy equine therapy, holistic yoga, Reiki, and reflexology.

Learn more about Michael Cortina and The Cortina Method at his website https://michaelcortina.com/.

Lodging, meals, and activities are provided to participants at no cost. A registration fee of $50 will be refunded one week after the completion of the retreat. You must arrange for your own transportation.

Space is limited to 10 women.

Please send questions to Sue at smwilder@projectnewhopema.org or call (508) 762-9738

  • June 6-10, 2024
  • Genesis Spiritual Life & Conference Center
    53 Mill Street
    Westfield, MA 01085