Phoenix Tales Storytelling Retreat for Veterans

Phoenix Tales Storytelling Retreat for Veterans

How Did the Retreat Go?

– Very hard to come to retreat but glad I did.

– I Love You guys at PNH.

– Thank you all for creating a fun, dynamic, wholeheartedly healing well run retreat. When I came in on Friday, I was having very difficult PTS symptoms of forgetfulness, confusion, aggressive, ill feeling, fearful.
By Saturday morning I was relaxed and cheerful and all the lovely group of wellness practioners I saw in the afternoon created a lot of healing. The Reiki session I had was the “best” I ever had over the past 20 years.
Thank you, so much.

– This retreat and workshops have been incredibly powerful and transformational to participate in and watch. It is such a gift to witness personal transformation, renewal of hope and connection.

– Project New Hope creates an amazing space for healing. You can feel the warmth and love they have for Veterans and family members. It was a joy to see everyone connect, laugh, play, relax and unburden themselves.
It was a wonderful experience!

– My wife attended the Women’s Veteran retreat and recommended we attend the Storytelling retreat. I am glad we made the decision to attend, meeting Veterans and listening to their stories was lifting a heavy blanket off my shoulders. I am looking forward to attending more PNH retreats in the future.

– The Program is a great way to network with others in need of help with their problems and issues.

– This retreat was fabulous in providing alternative strategies for difficult issues. The shared experiences with other Veterans in our personal growth was healing and nurturing. Thank you,

– Doing this with my dearest friend Donna an Army Nurse of 58 years was indeed an experience I will never forget – AND share with friends. Having fun, sharing stories without our husbands, cool girl time. Being able to say what you want without being judged and knowing others understand. Giving a hug to someone you just met to let her know you care, even though you can’t even begin to imagine what she is feeling but knowing you can feel her pain.

– I enjoy attending retreats with Project New Hope. I always keep an open mind and engage in activities with dignity. Project New Hope staff are so caring and supportive to our community. I always look forward to attending all the retreats.


This retreat is full

Veterans, you are invited to discover the power of storytelling! Are your stories untold? Veterans often bear the burden of past experiences in silence because they are too painful and want to enjoy time with loved ones. This storytelling weekend will empower you to share these stories and lift the weight of your experiences. The Phoenix Tales Storytelling team will guide you in crafting a true, short, verbal story about a past event from your life.

By creating a new story about a past challenge, you’ll re-author the story you’ve been telling yourself. Gain new perspectives, actively engage in personal healing and growth, and find a new avenue of creative expression by discovering your own Phoenix Tale. You will have an opportunity to share the finished stories with other Veterans at the end, but there is no obligation. This story is for you! You have fought for the freedom of others. Now, set yourself free from the past, have a little fun, and celebrate your triumphs through the magic and power of one of our oldest forms of connection and communication – storytelling!

Phoenix Tales Storytelling uses the art form of personal narrative storytelling as a framework for connection, recovery, growth, change, and healing. This is especially powerful for Veterans who have lived through separation, trauma, violence, and loss. Grief can be particularly challenging for Veterans facing major or chronic illness and mental health or substance use challenges. Phoenix Tales Storytelling team are humans who have met many challenges themselves and have all found healing and growth in the storytelling process. They care greatly about fostering safe, brave, trauma-informed spaces for fun, connection, and creative expression through storytelling.

Lodging, meals, and activities are provided at no cost to participants. A registration fee of $50 will be refunded one week after the completion of the retreat. You must arrange for your own transportation.

Please send questions to Sue at or call (508) 762-9738

  • April 14-16, 2023
  • Grotonwood Conference Center
    167 Prescott Street
    Groton, MA 01450