Veterans Mindfulness Meditation Retreat for Military/Veterans and their significant other

Veterans Mindfulness Meditation Retreat for Military/Veterans and their significant other

How Did the Retreat Go?


This is my first retreat with Project New Hope Inc. Donna, Bill and staff made us feel right at home. We look forward to the next retreat. Great people, Great times.

I am always appreciative of the healing methods and retreats provided by Project New Hope Inc. I look forward to possibly returning to another one for women Veterans. Keep up the great work.

This experience was enriching as I learned new ways to cope with stress and my inability to concentrate at times.

This was my first retreat with Project New Hope Inc., and it was amazing. It allowed me to relax and enjoy myself again. I now know the full power and benefit of meditation. I also no longer feel alone in the world. The Project New Hope staff did a phenomenal job.

Thank you, Project New Hope for offering alternatives to assist with Mental Health. The timing was right, and the number of days were perfect.


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Living at Peace with our Un-peacefulness.

Post Traumatic Stress, Military and combat trauma are more than just a set of psychological symptoms, such as sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. The more fundamental injuries are moral and spiritual in nature. Mindfulness-Meditation provides a road map that can support the practitioner in navigating a road to living at peace with un-peacefulness.

In this retreat we will learn meditation practices that are rooted in our daily life activities. These meditation practices can support us in coming to terms with the emotional, spiritual, and moral wounds of our training and combat services. Hundreds of Veterans have found these retreats invaluable in discovering how to live at peace with our un-peacefulness.

In Vietnam Claude AnShin Thomas, native of Pennsylvania, survived as a helicopter crew chief being shot down five times. On the fifth occasion, in mid-1967, he was shot down in the Mekong Delta. The pilot and commander were killed, and the gunner and Thomas were wounded. Thomas received 25 Air Medals, the equivalent of 625 combat hours, and 625 combat missions. Thomas also received the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Purple Heart.

1995 Claude AnShin Thomas became fully ordained as a Zen Buddhist in the Japanese Soto Zen tradition. He is the author of AT HELL’S GATE: A Soldier’s Journey from War to Peace (Shambhala 2004) and Bringing Meditation to Life (Oakwood Publishing, 2021). He has taken vows of mendicancy, meaning that he is reliant on the generosity of others for his sustenance. He has no permanent home but serves others through almost constant travel. So, the years and months of COVID have provided quite some challenges to this lifestyle.

A $50 fee/per person, $100/couple will be required at time of registration and will be refunded a week after completion of the retreat. If you cancel 2 weeks or less leading up to retreat, are a no-show or leave before the completion of Retreat your Deposit will not be refunded. Our retreats are 100% drug and alcohol free.

Lodging, meals, and activities are provided at no cost, but participants must arrange their own transportation to and from Grotonwood in Groton, Mass. Check-in 3:00 PM.

Please send questions to Sue at or call 508-762-9738

Retreat registration closes two weeks prior to the start date.

Proof of Military Service (no exceptions). Military ID, DD-214, VA Health Care Card or Driver’s License with “Veteran” on license will be required before attending retreat.

Mail, fax or email Proof of Military Service.
Project New Hope Inc.
70 James Street, Suite 129A
Worcester, MA 01603
Fax: 508-304-9245

  • May 20 – 22, 2022
  • Grotonwood Conference Center
    167 Prescott Street
    Groton, MA 01450
  • Presenter:
    Claude AnShin Thomas
    United States Army