Couples Retreat 2024

Couples Retreat for Veterans and Active Military Couples

How Did the Retreat Go?

Massage helped to ease tension.

Reiki calmed my mind.

Reflexology helped with some issues I did not know I had before.

TCM, can not say enough about what this has done for me. Amazing.

Would like to learn more about Alternative therapies such as Yoga, Massage, Reflexology and Reiki.

TCM, so far, so good.

The most beneficial activity was building relationships, growing close to my spouse, and learning new tools to use in life.

Time off from life every day.

Learned another tool to help deal with anxiety issues.

Had a fun time. TCM is interesting and potentially useful and helpful.

The Reflexology was outstanding! The daily Yoga was a plus.

The most beneficial activity for me was Yoga.

The daily shared experience as a group served to build community of support and self-collective intent.

TCM, the result was amazing, and I am sure it will be life changing.

I learned new Alternative Therapy such as breathing and Yoga.

All was great, the TCM visits were amazing.

I learned new Alternative Therapy such as Yoga and reflexology.

This TCM program was helpful and enlightening. It allowed me to think beyond the norm and work through some issues in a non-standard format.

The most beneficial activity was the TCM visits, opened my eyes to new ways to deal and cope with problems.

I learned new Alternative Therapy methods such as breathing and TCM techniques.

Excellent experience learned a lot about me and healing and communication.

The most beneficial activity was holistic. Needed the time-out and to relax from Stressors of life. TCM addressed things that I did not think still impacted me in a way that was positive and practical.

The new Alternative Therapy I learned was TCM, ways of thinking and addressing things.

I would love to stay involved with Project New Hope Inc. for future events and retreats and would like to volunteer. Thank you for everything you do!


Join us for a week of impactful healing and workshops designed for couples to resolve traumas, calm your nervous system, enhance communication & conflict resolution, and more.

Each person attending will receive healing visits in the highly acclaimed The Cortina Method (TCM) delivered by Trauma Resolution Expert Michael Cortina and his team.  TCM is designed to heal PTS, Guilt, Anger, Fear, Physical Pain, Limiting Beliefs, and more.

Couples will learn:

  • Effective communication
  • Verbal and nonverbal cues
  • Power of Listening
  • Saying what you mean
  • Importance of asking questions

Enjoy equine therapy, holistic yoga, Reiki, and reflexology. Learn more about Michael Cortina and The Cortina Method at his website

Lodging, meals, and activities are all provided at no cost to participants. There is a $50 dollar registration fee that is refunded one week after the completion of the retreat. You must arrange your own transportation to and from Griswold, CT.

Please send questions to Sue at or call (508) 762-9738.

  • May 9-13, 2024
  • Genesis Spiritual Life & Conference Center
    53 Mill Street
    Westfield, MA 01085