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Project New Hope Inc.

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At Project New Hope we understand the impact of military service upon the lives of service members and their families. The challenges of service do not end when a service member returns home. Loss touches the lives of those families whose members did not return home. Multiple deployments have beaten down Veterans and their families. The ability to cope with problems and stresses is worn away by extended and frequent absences from home.

As a result of these factors, incidents of divorce, domestic violence, gambling, opiate, alcohol, suicide and homelessness are happening at unprecedented levels in the history of the military, at rates even greater than the civilian population. Because of the overwhelming need, the Army Chaplain Corps with the approval of the Department of Defense, made the historic decision to reach out to local communities for help in organizing and creating programs to help Veterans. Project New Hope answered the call.

In 2011, disabled Air Force Veteran Bill Moore recognized the need for help and formed Project New Hope, Inc. a nonprofit organization offering weekend-long retreats in relaxed wilderness settings, drop in groups, community events, education, employment workshops, veterans benefits solutions, outings and client centered holistic healing. Through these experiences Veterans develop skills for acclimation. With loved ones and other Veterans, participants build the support they need for adjusting to life post war.

Project New Hope Inc. mission is to assist veterans and their families with PTSD, TBI, Military Sexual Trauma, Marital Issues, Chronic Pain Issues and Suicidal thoughts, and other issues that might arise. We are an organization that helps US veterans and their spouse or partner and children with addressing the challenges, fears and stigma that they face during and after military service.

InĀ  2011, PNH offered the first Women Veterans, Gold Star and Survivor events to include weekend getaways for single, couples and military and Veteran families. By 2012, PNH had partnered with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission/Ship Program and offered the first Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) weekend getaway. Continuing their expansion in 2013, PNH offered the first Military Sexual Trauma (MST) weekend retreat and the first individual military unit reunion for the Massachusetts Army National Guard 1-182nd Infantry Unit. In 2014 PNH offered this first LGBTQ Veterans Retreat in the country and in 2016 offered a week long retreat at Oceanwood. In 2016 PNH offered a weeklong retreat to strengthen families and friendship in partnership with Oceanwood and the Oceanwood Equine program.