Talk and Veterans Mindfulness Meditation Day

Talk and Veterans Mindfulness Meditation Day

For Veterans and/or Significant Others Only

This Retreat is FULL.

For military veterans and their spouse/significant other

led by Claude AnShin Thomas, Vietnam Veteran, Zen Buddhist Monk, Author and International Advocate of Nonviolence

Post Traumatic Stress
Military and combat trauma are more than just a set of psychological symptoms, such as sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression. The more fundamental injuries that are injuries that are moral and spiritual in nature.

Mindfulness meditation can help to deal. Learn how meditation practices can support you in your daily life in coming to terms with the emotional, spiritual, and moral wounds of war. Hundreds of veterans have found these retreats invaluable in their healing process.

In Vietnam Claude AnShin Thomas, native of Pennsylvinia, survived as a helicopter crew chief being shot down five times. On the fifth occasion, in mid-1967, he was shot down in the Mekong Delta. The pilot and commander were killed and the gunner and Thomas were wounded. Thomas’ shoulder was shattered, he broke his jaw, cheekbones, ribs and neck, and his sternum was split. Thomas received 25 Air Medals, the equivalent of 625 combat hours, and the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Purple Heart military decorations.

1995 Claude AnShin Thomas became fully ordained as a monk in the Zen Buddhist tradition. He is the author of AT HELL’S GATE: A Soldier’s Journey from War to Peace (Shambhala 2004). He has taken vows of mendicancy, meaning that he is reliant on the generosity of others for his sustenance, and has no permanent home, but serves others through almost constant travel.

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These retreats are about peace, calm, healing and just getting back to basics. There is ample time for quiet reflection, hiking, biking, kayaking or sitting around the camp fire. Lodging and meals are provided at no cost. Everything is FREE. Our retreats are a 100% alcohol and drug free. Transportation to or from retreat not included.

WHEN is it?

September 14th – 16th, 2018

WHERE is it?

Grotonwood Camp and Conference Center
167 Prescott St.
Groton, MA 01450